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Teens how come ghetto girls dont like wearing thongs?
this was a qestion from earlier instead of saying why black girls dont like wearing thongs i should have said white ghetto girls dont like wearing thongs, im guessing because you cant buy thongs in the ghetto

you can buy thongs in the ghetto, just go to target
Teens why does ever girl have a pair of black leggings?
today when I was getting off the train, I saw this real big 300 pound girl wearing these black leggings. and you can see her big red drawres right through her leggings, I mean wtf?? what in the heck was she thinking?, and they were not thongs they was them big cotton red granny panties. If your going to wear black leggings you should always wear a long shirt to cover it up

My leggings are brown! Hahah! But yeah, it's really weird how girls these days use leggings as pants. I just wear mine under skirts and stuff...Clothes get sluttier and sluttier with each generation, we might as well just roll with it. No big deal, dude.
Why parents let guyren wear thong underwear?
I seen an travel brochore of an anonymous US costal city showing an photo of an mother holding an toddler at an beach. the toddler wearing only thongs. It's very distasteful photo. also I see girls bras and panties are black ,girls underwear shouldn't be black. only in woman sizes should be black only.girls underwear should be in bright ,pastels,or prints. I see why guy sexual abuse and teen pregnancy is high. they adding grown up clothes like thongs and black undies on guyren.these parents never protect their normal guyren, the only guyren I see protect is guyren with special-needs,because parents overprotect them like US Secret Service protect President Bush.We don't hear special-needs guyren being abused.(unless it's nursing homes or institutions),the biggest is normal guyren the ones who being sexual abused or teenage pregnancies. Parents need to stop dressing up guyren like the late Jo Benet Ramsey,like grown up sex objects.
I had this same conversation with my husband the other day. We went to Walmart and saw bright blue bras with rhinestone hearts on them FOR KIDS! I was disgusted. I don't know what the industries are thinking but they wont be getting my business.

Teens how come some of you dont walk around your house in your underware?
This is mainly for the girls, this one girl was complaining on facebook how its very hot in her house and how they dont have any A/C so a suggestion came that she should take her clothes off and walk around the house with her thongs on. And thats when she said she is scared to. WTF

ITS HER HOUSE she lives their she should not be scared to walk around the house with drawers on, black folks do it all the time, AND I KNOW IM RIGHT!
Duude. Some people have fathers... and brothers... and windows... and brothers have friends... You never know who's gonna be around. If I lived alone, maybe.
Teens: Need of some help plus a survey for you all?
1. I'm 5'9 and is there any thing i can do to look a bit shorter like clothes make you look shorter or anything? Thanks for the tips
#2. I'm almost 17, and I've never kissed anyone or anything; I've had 4 guys like me, but it didn't work out but I'm 5'9 black hair, and greyish eyes and guys say I'm cute, how can I get a boyfriend? I mean how can I change from looking so innocent ( I'm really not...) I just don't get what I'm doing wrong, guys look at me but...and thats usually when I'm with my dad
#3. Any tips for college ( freshman this fall) like how to get guys, make friends, studying, etc.?
#4. What things will I need for my dorm? ( like a list)
#5. I'm almost 17 and I kinda want to start wearing thongs, but would that be weird? I mean like too sexy, like would guys and girls call me a slut or something? ( not purposely showing them, you know?)

1. What's your dream job?
2. What's your favorite store?
3. What's your favorite shoe store?
4. What happened the last time a guy was being a jerk to you?
5. What hard thing in your life made you stronger as a person?
6. What makeup do you wear?
7. What color is your hair?
8. What's your best friend's name?
9. What user gives the best advice?
10. What's the funniest user?
11. What user is the best troll?
12. What;s your favorite restaurant?
13. What hardship are going through right now?
14. What's your favorite type of shoe?
1. Wear long skirts, wear short shirts, wear high cut pants. Sorry, I'm short and don't really know much about that.
2. I'm sure you do, but BE SURE to overall take care of your appearance: dress nice (not slutty, but not overly modest), take care of your skin, bathe daily (or at least a few times a week), etc. Maybe you could try talking to more guys? Be outgoing. :) Guys like girls to be outgoing and confident.
3. Sorry, I'm still a freshman in high school, so I can't help with this one.
4. Again, no help.
5. I think it's fine. As long as you're comfortable and your parents approve.

1. What's your dream job?
An author
2. What's your favorite store?
Rue 21
3. What's your favorite shoe store?
4. What happened the last time a guy was being a jerk to you?
I just sort of took it until one of my friends told him to cut it out.
5. What hard thing in your life made you stronger as a person?
My friend distancing herself from me so I could branch out and become more social.
6. What makeup do you wear?
Not really any. Basically just concealer and lip gloss.
7. What color is your hair?
Dark brown
8. What's your best friend's name?
9. What user gives the best advice?
Any top user
10. What's the funniest user?
I really don't know...
11. What user is the best troll?
staten island ferry...i guess...
12. What;s your favorite restaurant?
Olive Garden
13. What hardship are going through right now?
My life is actually pretty good right now. But I'm having issues coming up with a poem I need to write for English.
14. What's your favorite type of shoe?
I like really cute HIGH heels.
Teens: Do you think my poem is too sexual at all?
The sun projected satin white sparkly on the viridian green sea.
The cappuccino-like foamy waves fizzed when they hit the moist sand
Golden brown tanned feet made soap dish sized foot prints in the sand
Long strands of volcanic rock black hair tapered in the wind
Salty droplets of sweat dripped down minuscule foreheads
Thin, veiny hands impacted an angel white leather ball
Bent knees stretched thick quadriceps
Spherical gluteus expanded and stretched around an estrogen-widened pelvis
Constricted by a orange sherbet thong
The flagellum-like fibers of the net kissed the patched ball
Before it plummeted into the white ash sand
Just as plump crimson red lips curved to reveal
A marble white set of teeth
Smiling towards the creaky mahogany boardwalk

Its a poem about girls playing volleyball on a beach.

Gluteus means the muscle in your butt, and quadriceps are the muscle on the top part of your thighs.

1. Is it too sexual? (someone else said it was)
2. Do you like the imagery and the poem itself?
Lol, I think it's funny how you managed to throw in some medical terms. :D
I don't think it's excessively sexual, though it lets me know you're quite fond of women's volleyball.

The poem itself is solid. Good work.
Name of an anime about two "teens" that fight engineered monsters?
i am looking for the name of an anime. the first episode goes as such, a highschool student i believe has an odd dream about being attacked my a giant snake monster thing when trying to "save" a girl the same age from it thinking she cant fight it, he gets killed and she saves him. but to do so i believe she put a greyish octagon into his chest where his heart it and from then on he could summon a lance to fight more monsters with. it has been a while since i have watched it and cant find it anymore. some more details are one of his enemies is a weird butterfly guy that goes out in a purple thong i believe, and he has a sister that looks like Orihime from bleach, also the girl he saves in his dream and actually saves him works with some organization whose job is to fight the monster that i want to call Chimeras for some reason, she has short black hair and a horizontal scar across her face
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer,

It seems like it started like that
I need help finding two movies!!!! I vaguely remember the details.. please help!!!?
The first film starts out with a young girl and her father stranded on the side of a desert highway. Their car is broken down and when they finally see a car in the distance, it comes speeding towards them and kills her father. Years later this "demonic" car that doesn't seem to have a driver comes after her as a teen.. It was a black car. Maybe early 90's..

In the second film I remember a teen girl living with her father. He's not used to being a dad especially one of a teen. I have a feeling it might be Nick Nolte. Anyways in the scene I remember the girl and her friend getting ready to go to the beach and her trying on a thong bikini. I think the dad walks in.. anyways I think this is also from the early 90's..

Thank you soooo much!!
MOVIEmeter: ?
Up 4% in popularity this week. See why on IMDbPro.
Rajan Kiriyath (screenplay)
Vinu Kiriyath (screenplay)
Jayaram wins a new car as a prize which brings him a lot of bad luck
Teen girls!!! Holllister shorts help!!!?
A friend told me that they are kinda see through and that they are REALLY REALLY short and tight, like even for someone who is used to wearing them. Is this stuff true? Keep in mind, I'm not allowed to wear thongs, so I wear these bikini cut black panties from VS most of the time. Will they show through?
yeahhhh hollister shorts are super short and thin unless you got the denim kind. if their denim ur fine. if its like the plaid or twill ones then u definitely want to wear underwear with minimum panty line and preferably the color of the short.

but they probably wouldnt show through unless their white and u wear black. soo if their like beige or darker ur fine for color. but if their white ur in trouble. good luck with those!
Do you like the stuff I bought from Kohl's? Teen needing advice here!?
I'm a 15 year old girl, and was wondering what you guy's thought about what I bought at Kohl's.

the pink heart one above I also got in a blue color, and also I got a multi colored g string for dresses. Also, the second thong I got that was white and black, I got a matching bra. The bra is so cute :) It's like a french made bra, and it won't show clear through any shirt. Then, I also got this cute purse made by candies that was blue, with black straps. The inside of the purse was pink, it looked great, so I bought it. The purse was originally $48 and I got it on sale for $24. The thongs were 5 for $25, and the bra was $15. Was this a good deal? I wanted something classy, but also something I could feel sexy and beautiful.
Yes i love them they are super cute... love the first one best

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